ThINKingDance 3-7-19

SEX TAPE: "Much of the duet is on knees, the posture a peculiar blend of childlike innocence and something more suggestive. A gauzy sweetness hangs over the duet, conjuring the early days of a relationship, when you could happily laze in an ever-shifting cuddle for days. When you offer not only your heart and your body, but the most precious commodities in our modern lives—your time, your attention, your presence."

Broad Street Review 2-18-19

SEX TAPE: "SEX TAPE’s strange tension between friendship and erotic love, replacing the lover with a same-sex friend, was also its genius. Revlock’s work dares the audience to imagine alternate possibilities for love, care, nurturing, and touch. And it poses a mighty challenge to the interpersonal disconnect of the digital era, especially the so-called gamification of dating and romantic relationships."

The Dance Journal 2-18-19

SEX TAPE: "I claimed that the word this piece evokes is “intimacy”, and that word (alongside others like “care, touch, and friendship” which were provided by Revlock herself) is at the core of what makes SEX TAPE an engaging and profound performance experience."

The Dance Journal 10-16-18

Love Is Like A Butterfly: "Whimsical physical comedy informs Revlock’s movement, but behind it is also enigmatic character dance."

The Dance Journal 10-09-18

Love Is Like A Butterfly: "The cheeky Love is like a Butterfly by Gabrielle Revlock was highly entertaining, drawing laughs from the audience by cleverly using several props and Revlock’s signature hoops to charm the room."

Bodies Never Lie 5-01-18

Show No Show: "Show No Show is a beautiful and inventive take on performance itself, equally comedic as it is captivating."

Global City (In Russian) 8-31-16

Show No Show: "The work is heartfelt and asks a lot of questions about the relationship between two people. It's a beautiful piece by two talented dancers."
Halo: "The tender and timid dancer interacts with the hoop and gives, to what seems to be an inanimate object, great significance."

Uralady (In Russian) 8-30-16

Show No Show: "The dancers caught the viewers' attention from the first seconds and for the duration of one hour were able to convey to the audience the entire range of feelings and emotions that appear in the relationship of two people."

The Herald Sun 6-29-16

Halo: "Halo fell into the never-seen-before category even after my decades of modern dance watching...a tour de force performance."

The News & Observer 6-29-16

Halo: "To describe Gabrielle Revlock’s “Halo” as a woman with a hula-hoop doesn’t convey the mesmerizing effect she creates.

The Five Points Star 6-29-16

Halo: "Gabrielle Revlock brings us back to physical delight and the amazement of physics."

The Dance Enthusiast 5-9-16

I replaced him with a lamp: "Her gestures took on a blink-and-you-miss-it rhythmic quality, growing more graceful and performative as the piece continued."

ThINKing Dance 4-11-16

Show No Show: "This final scene is all the more haunting because we want to see these two dancers on stage together."

Solid Seam Consulting Blog 4-9-16

Show No Show: "I had the sense that I could write dozens of pages about the hour in the theater and still not cover it all."

Phindie 3-26-16

Show No Show: "It’s a smart, funny dance piece tracking a relationship, or relationships, through a series of well-expressed interactions."

The Philadelphia Inquirer 3-26-16

Show No Show: "Watching Show No Show at FringeArts is a pleasure."

ThINKing Dance 12-1-15

The Dance Apocalypse/Solos: "Nothing they do is easy to grasp, it’s not entertainment and they don’t offer you a way to think or perceive. They just present themselves freely in the most sincere, ironic, doubtful, experimental way they can."

ThINKing Dance 11-12-15

The Dance Apocalypse/Solos: "Like everything else about The Dance Apocalypse, it’s hilarious and manages to be outrageous, provocative, and intimate all at once."

Culturebot 4-13-15

The Dance Apocalypse/Solos: "For me, the magic of The Dance Apocalypse/Solos existed in precisely the way that both Revlock and Bindler managed to not only continually blur the line between absurdity and reality but more importantly how they managed to use comic absurdity as a means of arriving at very real and genuine places."


The Dance Apocalypse/Solos: "Gabrielle Revlock channels awkward beautifully with memories of childhood."

The New York Times 4-6-15

The Dance Apocalypse/Solos: "What had been somewhat funny became repulsive and then a little funnier as she hula-hooped while reading from a list of apologies (a 12-step variation on the speech thanking supporters) and heroically kept the hoop spinning as she exited through a string curtain."


Sauwrie: "Nicole Bindler and Gabrielle Revlock (with a bright red riding whip) go for broken-bad with Sauwrie and come out gloriously on top."

Pittsburgh Examiner 7-28-14

I made this for you: "What was bold about the show was Bindler and Revlock’s willingness to free themselves from typical choreographic forms."

SeattleDances 6-27-14

I made this for you: "Brilliantly conceived, choreographed, and performed."

Philadelphia CityPaper 4-8-14

The Dance Apocalpyse: "Wildly entertaining — I couldn't keep my eyes off of the two. Their unpredictability was captivating."

ThINKing Dance 4-7-14

CardioCreativity: "Perhaps the most valuable and rare quality of CardioCreativity was that it frequently elicited sheer joy from everyone in sight."

Art Attack, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance 4-7-14

CardioCreativity: "I walked in not knowing anyone, and left feeling like I had just made 30 new friends."

ThINKing Dance 2-2-14

Confetti: "It was a beautiful metaphor for any choreographer trying to understand the changing relationship between audience and performance."

ThINKing Dance 3-13-13

The Dance Apocalpyse: "I admire their dedication to challenging a given structure, and the humorous way they shed light on our expectations and assumptions--our ways of viewing (and judging!) work."

ThINKing Dance 12-8-12

Can Be Found: "Revlock has tackled with humor and invention the intriguing challenge of rendering the dance space more ageless than it was before."

ThINKing Dance 3-22-12

Halo: "Revlock’s thoughtful construction of each action coupled with her assured, doe-eyed presence lent an affecting quality"

Philadelphia Inquirer 11-22-11

SHARE!: "Revlock's eccentric and often original choreography."

ThINKing Dance 10-28-11

I made this for you: "Gabrielle Revlock and Nicole Bindler’s exuberant, brash, crowd-pleasing, insidery, rambunctious I made this for you demands its own space. It was showy, it was sprawling, it literally blew the doors of the space open."

Metro 1-26-10
The Metro 6-3-09
Metro 4-9-09